Meet Our Weed Control “Patrol’

Here are some pictures of our Weed Control ‘Patrol’. They are part of our Environmentally Safe Weed Control Program (ESWCP).  They keep the weeds under control around our water storage tanks so we don’t have to use chemicals to kill the weeds, aiding in our on-going commitment to Drinking Water Source Protection.

From our Ground Water Protection Plan:  Groundwater is an important source of drinking water for Bear River Water Conservancy District.  As such, it is important that this vital resource be protected from contamination.  Preventing contamination is the easiest and most cost effective way to keep this water supply safe.  Following sound management controls can serve as an important component of a source protection program to control groundwater contamination.  Therefore, it is the District’s objective to protect its water supply through preventative measures by developing management strategies to help potential contamination sources minimize their risk of contamination.

We have 9 goats that we have affectionately named after some of our board members. They both (the board members and the goats) along with our certified water operators are working hard to protect the safety of your drinking water.

Note the before and after pictures and compare the side of the fence where the goats have been and where they have not been. Amazing! The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but only because the goats have been doing their job on our side.