Sept 30th Update

Driller has begun to mobilize his equipment. Due to the heavy rain over the weekend, there has been some damage to the access road and well pad. This is being fixed. It is anticipated that drilling will begin as early as Wednesday, October 2. Stay tuned for more project updates.

Backflow Prevention

CROSS CONNECTION AND BACKFLOW PREVENTION              Applicable Laws: Federal Public Law 99-339 (Safe Drinking Water Act and Amendments of 1986.)  Utah Code 19-4-101 to 113 (Safe Drinking Water Act)              19-4-112 (2)(d) “ There shall be no cross connection between the potable and nonpotable water systems”.              Utah Public Drinking Water Rules, Section R309-102-5 “The …

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Water Conservation

Be Water Wise – Implement these tips for big water savings Know where your main water shut-off valve is located and that it is in working order – Shutting off the water yourself if a pipe breaks or leak occurs will not only save water but eliminate or minimize damage to property. (Source: Utah Division …

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