Service List

Residential & Agricultural Water

We supply water to residential and Agricultural customers in the following areas:

 Harper Ward-Highway 38 from Brigham City to Honeyville

 Bothwell-12200 North to 13600 North and 9200 West to 10800 West

 Beaver Dam-800 to 900 west on Hwy 30 & North on Beaver Dam Road from the intersection with Hwy 30 to 16520 North

 South Willard-South of the South Willard Water Company Area to the Weber County Line.

 Map of South Willard Culinary System Phase 1 Service Area

Wholesale Water Customers

We supply water to Wholesale customers such as:

 Ukon Water Company, Garland Utah

 Riverside-North Garland Water Company, Riverside, Utah

 Thatcher-Penrose Water Company, Thatcher, Utah

 Bothwell Water Company, Bothwell, Utah

 Tremonton City, Tremonton, Utah

 S&K Water Company, Tremonton, Utah

 South Willard Water Company, Willard, Utah


Information from the Bear River Water Conservancy District (BRWCD) is available under the provisions of the Utah Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA). To initiate a request for information, this form must be completed and signed. If you require BRWCD services to answer your request, a fee may be charged in accordance with the fee schedule (described on the GRAMA request form). This form must be completed even if it is anticipated that no fee will be charged for BRWCD services.

Click Here to download the GRAMA request form in PDF

Water Service Policy