Temporary Wholesale Water Service

             Bear River Water Conservancy District (BRWCD) may provide temporary water service for projects within Box Elder County in proximity to the water system lines in Bothwell, Harper Ward and South Willard.

             BRWCD provides metering and backflow devices for the water service. Only one connection site will be allowed per application / contract. A deposit of $1,500.00 is required for the use of the meter and backflow device.  The deposit is refundable upon the completion of water service and the equipment is returned in working order. Damages to BRWCD equipment will be assessed and deducted from the deposit.

             The applicant must sign the application / contract provided by the District for the water service.  Click here to download application / contract.  The cost for water usage shall be charged at the current rate of $345.00 per acre foot.  An invoice will be sent to the water user at the completion of the project. Payment for the water used will be due immediately upon receiving the invoice.

             The water user must take all necessary precautions to protect the integrity of the Bear River Water Conservancy District’s water system and will not access the system in any other manner as to constitute a cross connection or any other threat of contamination.

             The applicant must provide adequate proof of insurance to cover any liability issues with the use of any BRWCD water system and such proof of insurance must be received in the BRWCD office prior to any water service.

             BRWCD retains the right to suspend water use at the designated site for whatever reason it deems necessary and for any length of time required for resolution of a problem.


To apply for Temporary Wholesale Water Service:

· Contact Bear River Water Conservancy District at (435) 723-7034

· Complete the contract :

             “Application & Agreement for Temporary Wholesale Water Service” 

             (to obtain, click on link above)


· Send application / contract, $1,500 deposit and proof of insurance to:

                          Bear River Water Conservancy District

                          102 West Forest Street

                          Brigham City, Utah    84302


             Upon receiving the application / contract, deposit and proof of insurance, a meter and backflow device shall be installed at the approved connection point for use during the project and the applicant shall be notified by BRWCD that the connection is ready to deliver water. The water user shall notify BRWCD at (435) 723-7034 for service when the water service is to commence and shall again notify BRWCD when the water service is no longer needed.